Marilena Fallaris



Dancing plays a very important role in my life!

As I have explained many times, one of my primary goals in my life is to help as many women as possible. Why?   I have witnessed in America, but even more so in Greece, the need for women to get away from the MUST and focus on their DESIRES! I would bet that this need is worldwide.

One of the ways I use to help myself and others in this mental liberation, in accepting themselves and improving their self-confidence and their joy, is dancing.

In America I was trained in a variety of dance styles and was taught the beneficial properties of dance which are many and very important!  Dancing is not only an amazing workout and a way of artistic expression, but it is also good for the brain and body, according to recent research.

As scientists explain, studies show that in addition to the important cardiovascular exercise it provides, dancing even improves our cognitive function.  And guess what?  You do not have to be a professional dancer. Even when you just enjoy dancing at a family function –  this activity has been shown to make you more perceptive, reduce stress along with the risk of dementia,  and increase the levels of hormones which make us feel joy!



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