Marilena Fallaris



I can finally answer that question.  I am a woman, survivor, writer, speaker, wife, mother, caretaker, daughter, best friend and a human being on a journey to tell my story to heal.  To heal myself and others in the world.  I want you to know you are not alone.  I want you to know miracles are possible.  And I want you to know you have everything you need to live a life full of love, happiness, and freedom.   That is me.

In a more traditional answer, I was born in Athens, Greece on January 6th 1983 to an American mother and Greek father. At 9 months old we moved to Seattle, Washington in America.  From then on I spent 9 months in America and 3 months in Greece for the summer.  My best childhood memories are playing with my cousins and friends on the island of Evia.  There we could be children – riding bicycles on dirt roads, swimming whenever we want, and having the freedom to hang out with our friends without the worry of cars, kidnappers, or drugs.  Even now when I go I feel my inner child come alive.

It is interesting that on the island of Evia, the place where I always feel peace and free like a child, is the exact place where I healed from extreme trauma.  The simple, kind and natural life there allowed space for me to slow down and deal with my Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

The most important roles in my life remain




Moments full of happiness

Created by Thanos Asfis


I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful man who is full of love, compassion and kindness. He also happens to be a very great tennis coach and a Greek (much to my family’s surprise 😊)! Vasilis and I decided to have the wedding in Greece in a Greek Orthodox church. The day before the wedding, instead of a rehearsal dinner, we had a beach party. It included drinks, swimming, and loved ones reuniting after years of not seeing one another. The wedding ceremony was followed by a huge love fest with very delicious Greek food and lots and lots of Greek dancing, which was enjoyed not only by the Greeks, but also by all our friends and family from all over the world. We got married on perhaps the most beautiful Greek island, Skiathos! Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life as there was so much love around us. We ate and danced until the sun came up! I couldn’t ask for anything better 😊


Due to life events – university, law school, calling off my engagement to college boyfriend), my pregnancy came later on in life. While I always wanted to be a mom in my twenties, based on my life circumstances and the change in what I wanted for my life, I made the decision to become a mom in my mid 30s. It was a very personal decision, which every woman and couple should make. I wanted to finish my studies, get foundation in my career, and travel. When I got pregnant, it was because we wanted to and not due to societal pressures.

During pregnancy I experienced a real miracle. Every day was special! I often received compliments on how beautiful I had become and how much I liked my big belly. I felt really happy. I didn’t stop exercising and I didn’t stop taking care of myself as I knew that for me to give unconditional love to another, I first had to give it to myself.


My son is the best present my husband could give me – as it is from our love as husband and wife that this beautiful life was born! From the day he was born, actually even before he was born, we did nothing but think what was best for him. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t take care of ourselves and don’t take personal time. After all, it is known that the happiness of children depends on the good mood and happiness of the parents. Our son was also the reason we decided to move permanently to Greece: so that he could have a high quality of life, enjoy the sun and the sea, become hospitable and respectful like the Greeks!

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